Remove your concept of Duality

Everyone has heard of Duality.  Good vs. Evil. Dark vs. Light, Yin vs. Yang. 

Well I would like to postulate that to consider this a war of opposites is absolutely ridiculous. 

Duality is the main cause of mental Illness in our society.

By attempting to block off 1/2 of our nature, whether trying to be purely good or purely evil, is not only unhealthy but dangerous for the mental well-being of yourself and everyone around you.

We are meant to live in balance with ourselves.  This is the only way we are going to progress to the next stage of our awareness.  By transcending the delusion of duality and becoming one with ourselves.

This is no easy task.  The minute we begin to attempt it we meet with resistance from every side.  The best way to do this is by finding a teacher who understands the process.

They are out there, if you look.  This is only a beginning process.  Once you are aware that most of what you see is a result of this duality you are able to free yourself from the undue influence of said duality.  In other words you will begin to see the world as it really is.  A work of balance that is constantly adjusting itself to remain in balance.  It cannot go out of balance for very long.  So no matter what kind of damage we do.  There will be a price to be paid on the wheel of balance.  What goes up must come down. What goes down will always come back up.  This is Karma and there is no escaping it.  So if you think you have, it is only a momentary respite.  Karma must be balanced.  It is not punishment.  This is too Christian a term.  It is only balance and need not be feared.   It is best to remain in the middle.

If you do not like this Idea please do not take it seriously, it is only a 10,000 year old suggestion.

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