If you don’t like to F#ck.

Fuck everything,

Fuck me,

Fuck you,

Fuck politics,

Fuck the news,

Fuck meateaters,



And especially fuck vegans,

Fuck Corporate America,

Fuck Corporate Punk Rock Anarchists,

Fuck Capitolism, Communism, Realism,

And every other ism.

Fuck all religions,

Fuck heavy metal,

Fuck this and that,

Fuck It.

Fuck Facebook,

Myspace, and anyother other

Bastion of the mass conciousness,

Fuck Captain Crunch,

Fuck cheese whizz.

Fuck Elvis,

Both and all Elvis’s.

Fuck Madonna,

Fuck anyone with a six figure income,

Fuck anyone with a six figure figure,

Fuck Math, History, and Biology,

Fuck anyone who piles money on a problem,

Then expects it to go away,

Did I say fuck corporate America?

Fuck everything,

Fuck the other thing,

Fuck Mickey Mouse,

Fuck Well Done,

Fuck beautiful days,

Fuck rain and snow,

Fuck her,



And them,

But most of all

Fuck me.

And fuck you.

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