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The Wind

July 21, 2014

This thing forgiveness

Does a tree forgive autumn

Taking away it’s leaves?

Or a lake the sun,

Water caused ghosts rising:

Be clouds.

Only tears on a sad sad world.

I tip my head,

Outstretch arms,

Catch a drop or two on my tongue,

Soon a Sun will rise

My pale blue shirt immersed,

Tears of forgiveness,

In the rain.

How can I dream

On sleeping wind,

Blown over twig,

On the plain of

than mere rooted grasses,

Wolves command the wind

In its place of memories


What it means to forgive.


Before I did.

December 16, 2010

You give me,

A twelve pack,

And a box of needles,

And I can show you,

How to remain,

For a moment,

Before landing on one,

And pricking your ass,

But it has all been done,


If there was anything new,


We wounded wouldn’t be writing at all,


Before I go off,

And destroy you,

I will half-cock,

Everything we have left,

And show you how,

To do it right,



You fell,

Long before I did.

November 18, 2010



November 14, 2010

Momentary ports in the storm,

A few minutes,

Of ahhhhhhmmmmm,

A breath or two,

For a second or more,

But then the storm,

Still rages,

Tatters our ships,

And weakens out the posts,

We teather ourselves too.

Speak for yourself?

If we can see this storm,

This slow motion churning,

What beautiful chance,

That could be a dance of life,

To roll with,

If you can keep from getting sick…

Can rail,

And rock,

Until there isn’t enough

Booze and drugs,

In all the world,

To medicate with,

No Islands…


We are all islands,

After we leave the  ports,

Where love lives.


November 10, 2010

Come and ask me,

Are you feeling better?

Just to remind me,

How shitty I feel,

By concern,

Do you even know,

How deep the loathing goes,

Love a long line,

Deep into the depths,

Of what little self-respect remains,

Have a ball,

While you practice your altruism,

On me,


Even in knowing that time,

Only raises old wounds,

From a show of shadow,

To a found place of hurt,

Cold breaks,

And stretched sinew,

Snaps like a bowstring,

Fleeing arrows at a friend,

Can only partially explain,

How the pain I caused her,

Caused me more in the end.

Spirit world

November 5, 2010

Catching it is hearing,

cracking the edge of your mouth,

at the small end,

of  humor,

but we may all be laughing,

even though we may not get the joke.

One time,

my big toe,

Or yours,

tapped it’s rhythm anthem,

into to air,

off the edge of the cliffs,

over looking thunderous waves.

We were closer to the spirit world,

we could hear the voices of life,

loves, and fears,

flowing in and out with the water.

Like the bits of broken shell,

which roll off the backs,

and become sand.

If you don’t like to F#ck.

November 3, 2010

Fuck everything,

Fuck me,

Fuck you,

Fuck politics,

Fuck the news,

Fuck meateaters,



And especially fuck vegans,

Fuck Corporate America,

Fuck Corporate Punk Rock Anarchists,

Fuck Capitolism, Communism, Realism,

And every other ism.

Fuck all religions,

Fuck heavy metal,

Fuck this and that,

Fuck It.

Fuck Facebook,

Myspace, and anyother other

Bastion of the mass conciousness,

Fuck Captain Crunch,

Fuck cheese whizz.

Fuck Elvis,

Both and all Elvis’s.

Fuck Madonna,

Fuck anyone with a six figure income,

Fuck anyone with a six figure figure,

Fuck Math, History, and Biology,

Fuck anyone who piles money on a problem,

Then expects it to go away,

Did I say fuck corporate America?

Fuck everything,

Fuck the other thing,

Fuck Mickey Mouse,

Fuck Well Done,

Fuck beautiful days,

Fuck rain and snow,

Fuck her,



And them,

But most of all

Fuck me.

And fuck you.