Pouring out

Posted October 26, 2010 by WEM
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Well, maybe not everyone,

has made a little progress,

Forms hold them together,


And sizes,

They invented in their own mind,

The only thing that is

as it seems

is nothing.

Nothing cannot be anything,

So there is no need to fear,

Nothing is-

as it seems,

Because we are not really here,

We are sleeping,

In a bed of coal and ember,

Pouring our greater minds,


All over everything,

When we are nothing.

Blank out…

Don’t blanken the heart,

Because if we talk about love,

Then we are crazy.

Hatred is sane.

Only lunatics talk about love,

They set them in small,

Locked boxes,

And label them with terms

Which are only as real,


Love is everything,

We are nothing.

Here and now,

We are pouring out,

As fast as we can.



Posted October 25, 2010 by WEM
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The dogs are out in the mud,

And the grime,

Barking incessantly,

Bearing their teeth at every passing stranger,

You left them out there,

Because they barked at you,

Whenever you walk by,

You threw them there,

Like a pile of wasted bones,

At the butcher shop,


Though you feign knowledge,

And altruism,

You are just as afraid as I am,

Afraid you will be tossed out,

Like the dogs,

Like us,

In the mud and the grime,

Like the bones,

Waiting for the dogs to chew on.


An apple and an asian pear

Posted October 24, 2010 by WEM
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past times,

set about three o’clock,


matted but falling out combed nicely,

a little rotund,

but not,

behind round faced tan,


from about three hundred miles,

of San Antonio,

On the pan handle,

split a bit of breaded chicken bits,

with pepper,

an apple,

an asian pear,

and God.

Ours, mine, yours.

Who fucking cares?

Grumbled about some of them,

Some were corrupt,

Blinded by life,

Split apart but potentially whole.







So if it is before you,

there is a reason,

and some of them,

Understand this,

Texas grumbler,

passing chicken bits,

with pepper,

an apple

and an asian pear,

that will be handed down,

to the next eligible student.

Crashed apart

Posted October 23, 2010 by WEM
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Two masters crashed apart.

One into the other,

After being tied together,

By an unbreakable tether of Karma,

Both are quiet,


Masters of spiritual movement,

on the outside.

But inside she is stone;

cold and heartless,

he is a raging storm of chi,

sick and alone,

She is the immovable object,

to his unstoppable force,

he tried to break himself upon her,

waves crashing on the stone,

winds across millions of years of sand

There was nothing else that could have happened.

There is no peace for the wicked.

both of them survive alone.

keep each other in this ring,

Unable to progress,

Without the other,

He know’s,

She know’s,

there is nothing,

which can break such stone.


Posted October 16, 2010 by WEM
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The Masters all went mad,
And now have to rebuild their past,
In the present,
So the future may be bliss.
As the world went into chaos,
So did we,
One by one,
By our own obsession,
And mythology,
Of love,
We committed heinous acts,
To match the heinous acts of the world,
And now we are powerless,
To do anything but heal,
And in our healing,
Perhaps the world will follow,
As it must always follow,
Those who lead,
By sublime acts,
The same way that
Those who lead,
Must sometimes follow,
Those who act in haste.


Posted October 10, 2010 by WEM
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The doors that bar others,

desire for perfection,

Will break down.

And they will rise up,

And eat you,

Like a lion waiting in the tall grass,

For it’s moment,

To grab you in the neck.


Is a cross of death,

There is an army,

Of malcontents,

Marching behind it,

Waiting for you to turn away,

Because the minute you do,

They will be on you like a pack of wild dogs,

Tearing at your possessions,

And leaving you bone bare in the dirt.

So I beg you.

Let go of perfection,

Open you heart,

And see those around you,

Who need your care and loving kindness,

For Karma knows no mercy,

It is only balance.

Not you…

Posted October 8, 2010 by WEM
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Break you,


Day in day,

In misery,

Drudge along,



And you will slowly grind away,

A dust stub,

On sterile posts,

Toiled beast of burden,

Under whip,




Awaken you…

Can’t break you…

Not you…

Work is Love,

Work is God,





Work is Wife,





and Hope,

If you don’t,

You work alone,

Work is rain,

On fruit,

There is no need to eat.

Work is home.